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Our Services

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy

Helping children speak, communicate and understood language.

1.   Expressive and Receptive language.

2.   Speech and language development milestones.

3.   Articulation/Intelligibility.

4.   Speech Fluency.

5.   Pragmatics and Social Skills.

6.   Literacy and Vocabulary.

7.   Apraxia of Speech.

8.   Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

9.   Feeding and Oral Motor.

Feed Therapy
Feed Therapy

Providing  skilled assessment and intervention to children with feeding difficulties.

1.   Food Aversions.

2.   Food Refusal.

3.   Very Picky Eating.

4.   Avoidance of Certain Textures.

5.   Gagging and Vomiting.

6.   Oral Motor / Chewing Difficulties.

7.   Limited Diet / Food Repertoire.

Sensory Integration
Sensory Integration

Gradually increasing play based activities to improve a child’s nervous system, helping children learn to self-regulate their emotions, behaviors, and arousal level.

1.   Autism and ADHD.

2.   Sensory Processing and Disorder.

3.   Poor Tolerance of Sensory Stimuli from the environment.

4.   Meltdowns and Tantrums.

5.   Poor Balance / Body Awareness.

6.   Poor Attention and Concentrations.

7.   Poor Self-Regulation.

8.   Behaviour and Social Difficulties.

9.   Poor Motor Coordination and Motor Planning.

10. Aggression, Frustrations,and Avoidance Behaviours.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Helping children build better self-esteem, confidence and independence in all the things they do,

1.    Sensory Processing Disorder.

2.    Balance, Coordination Strength and Endurance.

3.    Fine Motors and Handwriting.

4.   Visual Motor Integration.

5.   Play and Social Skills.

6.   Feeding and Oral Moral Skills.

7.   Self Care.

8.   Academic and Cognitive Skills.

9.   Behavioral Difficulties.

10. Developmental Delay.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Using poor role models to form new and challenging skills.

1.   Social Groups.

2.   Feeding Groups.

Audiological Assessment and Management
Audiological Assessment and Management
Pure Tone Audiometry
Impedance Audiometry
Hearing aid trial and fitting
Neonatal Hearing Screening