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Our Career

Occupational Therapist

We are currently seeking an occupational therapist with two to three years of experience to assist in providing occupational therapy interventions for our home-based program.Additional responsibilities are listed below.

Provide occupational therapy interventions for home-based program

Assess cases for the required interventions

Provide functional assessment and management

Identify long-term and short-term goals and evaluate accordingly on monthly and quarterly basis, as per the home program

Guide and train other staff members in OT planning

Provide training for program resources to parents or caregivers

Create and modify resources and manuals

Fabricate assistive devices according to needs of the cases

Document and maintain records

Assist in implementing and standardizing treatment and assessment protocols

Participate in other activities on an as-needed basis – case perspective areas

Minimum Experience required is 1 to 3


Minimum Experience required is 1 to 3

Speech Therapist
Speech therapist diagnose and treat individuals who suffer from stutters, as well as vocal and cognitive communication impairments.