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Feed Therapist

Feed Therapist

  • Post By : Neha Shah
  • 18 Jun ,2019
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Helps children prepare for kindergarten and become enthusiastic learners. social interaction,play, language, emotional development, physical skills, literacy and fine motor skills. Students participate in hands-on learning activities that are educational and fun, in a stimulating classroom environment that encourages learning through discovery and exploration.


Child has problems with school readiness faces difficulty in: –


Difficulty in follow instructions in daily activities.

Dependent on parents for personal activities e.g.- dressing

Not be toilet trained (day time).

Struggle to attend to tasks if their peers (length varies according to tasks)

unable to share,be unable to shift with changing rules of a game in play socially immature

Inappropriate receptive and/or expressive language skills.

Difficulty in understanding consequences of their behaviours.

Shows disinterest in books or sitting activities

Not interact well with their peers

can’t change their play to incorporate new play items or people).

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