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POP! The Benefits of Exploration with Bubbles

POP! The Benefits of Exploration with Bubbles

  • Post By : Neha Shah
  • 01 May ,2019
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Bubbles are not just a fun activityfor kids; they are an educational tool that we, as parents, can use to teachour children even more about the world around them!


Developing Visual tracking skills


Bubbles are an excellent way tohelp your baby or toddlers developing visual skills. We are not born with thevisual skills we need for learning, including the skills to fix, follow, track,focus, converge, diverge and so on. These skills need to develop over time. Howwell your baby develops her visual skills, from the earliest months of life,will help her learn now as well as later at school. Because bubbles are botheye catching and slow moving they are a great way to help your little one learnto use her eyes and develop these skills.


Gross motor movement, balance andmuscle tone development


For little babies, bubbles are afun tummy time activity and every bit of happy tummy time helps withdevelopment! In this position bubbles also encourage head turning – right,left, up and down, movements that are needed to help control primitivereflexes, so important for future smooth, coordinated movement and learning.


Fine motor development


Once your child can grasp, he willwant to hold the wand. It does get messy, but any practice at grasping, holdingand manipulating the wand in and out of the container helps the development offine motor control, important for the development of the correct pencil grip,writing and working with tools in the future. Give him plenty of opportunity todo this with both the left and the right hands


Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination


Popping the bubbles, be it with thewhole hand, two hands, a finger, a foot or a toe all involve the development ofhand-eye or foot-eye coordination. These early movement experiences form thebasic building blocks of the catching, hitting, throwing and kicking skillsinvolved in ball sports.


Spatial awareness anddirectionality


Bubble play can encourage theunderstanding of concepts such as; up, down, over, under, in front, behind,next to, above and below. For example: “Look up! There’s a bubble above yourhead!”


Speech, hearing and languagedevelopment


Playing with bubbles provides manygood opportunities for the development of speech, hearing and language. Theearly speech sounds of ‘buh’ in bubble and ‘puh’ in pop are naturally used andimitation encouraged during bubble play. As your child grows, bubbles providemany opportunities to encourage developing language skills as you talk about thebubbles being; big, small, wet, slimy and how they are moving; fast, slow etc


Developing Oral-motor skills


Once old enough, help your littleone to learn to blow the bubbles himself. Blowing is good exercise for thedeveloping muscles in the jaw and mouth. Learning to blow bubbles isn’t as easyas it seems and it may take a while to work it all out. Sucking in instead ofblowing out is fairly common to start with but he will eventually get the hangof it and how to use the correct amount of force when he blows.


Developing Social communicationskills


Bubbles are wonderful for groups,be they siblings, baby friends. The fun is infectious! In groups childrenfurther develop body and space awareness as they learn to move around and popthe bubbles without bumping into each other!


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Zarna Patel

  • 19 Aug 2019

Nice Blog really having getting good knowledge on this bubbles.

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